Love Beyond Borders Nepali New Year Celebration

At Acacia Worship Center, we could not think of a better way to ring in the new year than to celebrate the accomplishments that the Lord used us to facilitate in Nepal.  God is so good and with Him, all things are possible!  This is evident in how He took a small group of His children with little resources, but a strong leader and spirit, to serve to accomplish such great things on His behalf!  Through some hard work, donations, fundraising, and charitable matching programs, we were blessed with enough for Pastor Ron to travel to Nepal once more and make a huge impact for the glory of God.

 If you have been following our blogs, then you have seen details of how we have helped people in providing clean drinking water, shelter, blankets, clothing, shoes, and medical treatment.  We blessed an orphanage with a new stove and blessed the churches with musical equipment to enhance their worship service to the Lord.  When you put it all together we helped over 500 people while in Nepal!  Sole Ministries and Acacia Worship Center have become well known in multiple regions as, “the people from America who help everyone in need for the cause of Christ”.


That is something wonderful and miraculous to be celebrated and special for us to be able to share together as a family on New Year’s Eve.  The atmosphere was a combination of Christmas candlelight and bright, colorful accessories to duplicate the vibrant colors of Nepal.  There were Sarees for the women to wear, lots of gifts and treats direct from the trip, and Nepali food from Namaste.  Prior to counting down the new year at 10:00 pm, Pastor Ron shared his photo, videos, and heartwarming stories from the recent mission trip there.

We were all praying constantly for the success of this trip and Pastor Ron’s safety so we were thrilled to see what God was accomplishing during that time.  Especially, how in the face of adversity and under threat of incarceration with Nepali police in attendance, Pastor Ron preached the Gospel to both Muslim and Hindu schools giving each child a gift from Jesus.  It takes a special person to have the courage and spirit to serve God to leave all the comforts of home and brave the potential for discomfort, illness, and even imprisonment, to travel so far and help people.  What Pastor Ron has been able to accomplish on behalf of the Lord over the past decade and three mission trips to Nepal is incredible!  He spent his first trip establishing the ministries that have continued to grow and seen thousands give their lives to Christ including a new generation of young people rejecting the false idols of their ancestors and seeking the one true God, Jesus!  It is rewarding to hear from cab drivers how “7 years ago there were no Christians in Nepal and now there are Christians everywhere!”

For all of this, we praise God and celebrate His goodness!  We thank the Lord for helping us fulfill His directives of serving others in need, as in the Bible according to 1 John 3:17:  “But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?”


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