LBB Mission Trip to Nepal 2017 – Urgent Medical Condition

Love Beyond Borders – Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Pastor Ron’s description below for this group of photos tells the story of how this precious little girl finally got the medical attention that she needed after suffering from a skin infection for a very long time:








Teacher, Pastor, Medic, you name it…when God puts you to work, He puts you to WORK!  We rushed this little girl, her mother, and cousin to the hospital and paid for treatment.  She had been suffering from this dreadful skin infection for 3 years!!  As I’ve said from time-to-time, sometimes you’re the answer to your own prayer!  We also paid for future hospital bills, a room for the family to stay in, food, and a taxi to take them back to the village.  Total cost ~$100.  She’s going to be fine.  All I can say is that these kids are tough!!  –  Pastor Ron 11/20/17



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