LBB Mission Trip to Nepal 2017 – Preaching to the Muslim and Hindu school children

Love Beyond Borders – Mission Trip to Nepal 2017


Pastor Ron is very courageous and has a passion for teaching children about God.  Even though there is now a conversion law in Nepal threatening up to 6 years in jail for converting people to Christianity, he traveled to both Muslim and Hindu schools to preach, distribute sweaters, and give Gospel of John packets to all the children.  Everyone got a little nervous when the Nepalese police showed up.  Thank God, they did not arrest anyone in accordance with the conversion law, but provided security and traffic control instead!  The children and faculty were so grateful for the generosity of our Christian Pastor from America, the boy shown in the last photo followed Pastor Ron everywhere and kept commenting to him with amazement, “you help everyone!”


Showed up with large quantities of sweaters to give!
Muslim school children
Greeting the Muslim children
Distributing sweaters and Word of God!
We have sweaters for the Hindu children too!
Hindu school for children
Such sweet gratitude from this little girl!
Boy shadowing Pastor Ron amazed by his generosity!

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