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Love Beyond Borders – Christmas in Nepal 2018

If you are a follower of our Love Beyond Borders humanitarian efforts in Nepal, then you are aware that we traditionally host a Christmas celebration for our rapidly growing Christian community there. This year was no exception and we are so happy to see attendance grow substantially in our more than ten years of service in Nepal. The celebration kicks off with performances of dance and song from our talented group of young people. Of course, there is a message about the meaning of Christmas and why Jesus was the ultimate gift from God to a lost and dying world. The celebration concludes with a plentiful harvest to feed the more than 200 people in attendance. Most satisfying are the content smiles from all the children as they enjoy the feast and gift giving. For many, the gifts of blankets or clothing are a necessity to endure the cold weather and sub par living conditions. Our team in Nepal is able to identify where the most urgent needs exist and direct our resources so we can meet those needs directly. None of this is possible without the continued generosity and donations provided by Sole Ministries and people like you! Thank you for all of your support!

For every dollar that we spend and every gift that we give is an expression of love that can give us all hope for a better tomorrow! -PR

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