Love Beyond Borders Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Love Beyond Borders – Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Here are more photos of Pastor Ron distributing much needed supplies to the villagers in Nepal.  Feeding large groups of people can be a challenge, but Pastor Ron and his team are dedicated to making sure needs are met everywhere they go!  You can get a glimpse of what life is like for the people of Nepal and the challenges they face.  Things like doing laundry, cooking, and even going to the bathroom (things we take for granted) are difficult without plumbing and appliances.


Feeding the children.

Distributing much needed shoes!

Providing food to large group.

Sharing a meal.

Plumbing is a challenge here!

Drying clothes.

Family home.

Take a stick to the bathroom!

I am saved!


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    Patricia Ruybal says

    Meal celebration was shared with Tangaren Church in eastern Nepal.

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