Love Beyond Borders Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Love Beyond Borders – Mission Trip to Nepal 2017

Pastor Ron and his team traveled to the homeless camp of villagers in the forest near Hetauda in the eastern part of Nepal.  This large group of people lost everything to flooding and landslides.  They were so grateful for all the blessings of food, clean water, coats, shoes, blankets, and shelter supplies.  Pastor Ron is not just there to fill the physical needs of the people, but spiritual needs as well.  He is sharing the love of God and the good news of the Gospel in the process!

Staying by the fire for warmth!
Lots of families with small children here.

Pastor Ron making his rounds through the camp.


More children from the camp.
Coats for kids!
Greeting the elders.



Distributing water filters to each family.
Ready to provide clean drinking water!


Nets to keep the bugs out are a luxury here!



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