October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

It takes a very special person with a heart for service to be a Pastor and we understand why it is a calling rather than a choice.  After watching our Pastor in action over these many years, it is evident that he walks closely with the Lord to be so successful at what he does.  There are countless examples of kindness, compassion, empathy, faithfulness, generosity, patience, strength… I could go on and on.  Often most impressive is Pastor Ron’s courage and skill to speak truth combined with the wisdom to validate it with the word of God.  Pastor Ron is a shining example of someone who lives for Christ… obedient, disciplined, and with an enthusiastic passion to point all of us to Jesus.  We are so grateful for our Pastor being called to lead our flock and being used by the Lord to transform lives through his loving guidance.


 Thank you Pastor Ron!

Pastor Ron is a man of God who is led by our Lord above.

His mind is full of wisdom and his heart is full of love.

We are so thankful that you have been called to lead our flock.

Thank you for helping us grow, for being our leader, our friend, and our rock.

Thank you Pastor Ron for showing God’s love in all you do.

It is in all your hard work, your compassion, and even the admonishment too…

You point us all to Jesus and always walk the walk.

(Which is why we should always listen to you when you talk!)

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