Acacia Worship Center is a Christian, Bible centric, non-denominational church led by Pastor Ron Cervantes as seen on television channel KAZQ 32.1.  It is a production of SOLE Ministries. We are located in Rio Rancho at Sandia Vista Elementary School, servicing Bernalillo and the Enchanted Hills neighborhoods. Our purpose at Acacia Worship Center is to glorify God by creating an environment where people of all age groups and denominations can meet and discover an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus through an in-depth study of His Word, prayer, praise, fellowship, outreach, and service.

More Coming Events

Love Beyond Borders

  • Closing the gap of diversity

    $200 went towards bringing youth together for the purpose of putting an end to racism and bigotry.  

  • Children celebrating

    Meeting Needs

    Love Beyond Borders provided resources to purchase clothing and jackets for the less fortunate. Blanket and shoe drive sponsored by Love Beyond Borders. Three computers...

  • medical-camp

    Healing the Sick

    Photo is of Ram Raj Dhimal, an elderly man who works translating bibles.  In December 2015, he had a medical emergency and was hospitalized.  Love Beyond...

  • Helping children in need

    Caring for Children

    Twelve children in Bhaktapur who are being cared for after losing their parents as a result of the earthquake. Love Beyond Borders provides resources to...

  • 3-1

    Feeding the hungry

    Love Beyond Borders providing food for a large gathering.

  • Landslides 2016

    Nepal Landslide Report

    Love Beyond Borders would like to update our followers with a current landslide status report as we are now coming to the end of monsoon...

  • Earthquake 2015

    Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction

    Love Beyond Borders was able to provide resources for building materials to build and repair multiple structures that were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake....